KeyCall ® - The Key Operated

Fire Alarm Call Point

Key operated call point

KeyCall ® is a revolutionary patent-pending Key Operated Fire Alarm Activation Device which has been developed specifically for ‘approved’ applications where standard fire alarm call points would be vulnerable to abuse.

Key Operated Call Point Door Lock
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Key Call Key Operated call point

KeyCall Key Operated call point

Key Call Key Operated callpoint

KeyCall Key Operated callpoint


  • KeyCall ® accepts a Euro-Profile style cylinder
  • Typically suited/keyed-alike cylinders are fitted so that authorised persons can activate KeyCall ® using their standard door key.
  • Key ‘Click-latch’ mechanism ensures key ‘latches’ in correct position to activate Fire Alarm System.
  • Anti-ligature low-profile flush-mounting design.
  • Neat minimalistic one piece construction incorporating Fire Alarm interface module.
  • Red fire indicator illuminates when KeyCall ® is activated.
  • Robust all metal construction
  • Compatible with a wide range of Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.

Applications Include:

  • Prisons
  • Mental Healthcare Organisations
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) Schools


After years of false alarms and disruptions, Fixfire® have delivered the goods. Their KeyCall ® fire alarm call points have transformed our premises. They are simple and easy to use and the installation was quick and efficient.  They have a friendly service and we would highly recommend them.


Facilities Manager

- Special Educational Needs (SEN) school, London

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